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Partnerships and Training

Working together

buzz, currently works with a range of partners in the statutory, community and third sector in the city. Partnership working is fundamental to achieving the best possible outcomes for Manchester people. Working together to share knowledge, ideas, experience and resources ensures we get the best value for money and the opportunity for development and innovation.  

Developing a partnership

If you are based in an organisation delivering services in Manchester and are interested in discussing how we could work together then please contact us.


We offer the following free training:

Connect 5 mental health & wellbeing training for workers and volunteers in frontline face to face roles.

Connect 5 aims to support workers, volunteers and organisations in promoting better mental health and wellbeing for the people they work with, and in being able to respond helpfully to people experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing. The course is for those working face to face with people who have poor mental wellbeing, whether or not they have a diagnosed mental health condition. 

Connect 5 is interactive and practical, drawing upon the latest evidence about supporting people with their mental health and wellbeing. The course supports participants to gain skills and confidence and information about practical interventions. 

Connect 5 is a training programme with three stages. Participants can progress through the stages, depending on how much of their role involves working with people experiencing poor mental health and wellbeing. Connect 5 courses are available free to people and organisations based in Manchester and providing support to Manchester people. For more information, get in touch with the contact below or download our below.

Boost emotional resilience course for the general public.  

The Boost course is for individuals who want to learn more about how to look after their mental wellbeing.   The course comprises of 7 enjoyable sessions that aim to build participant’s awareness and skills including tips for coping with problems, understanding emotions, managing stress, improving confidence, recognising unhelpful thinking and making plans for incorporating wellbeing activities in daily life.  The course is usually delivered for groups of between 8 and 12 people in community venues.

Health Ageing training

We’re currently working alongside Age Friendly Manchester to develop a Healthy Ageing training session which will run alongside their Age Friendly Place training.  This course will be available soon.

Self Care sessions

Our team of Neighbourhood Health Workers are able to offer brief group sessions on the topic of self care for the general public.  These are generally available for existing groups and have a particular health theme.

For more information on training please contact:
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