The Better Information Programme

The Better Information Programme

The Better Information Programme is our free online training programme designed for staff from a wide range of health, social care and community organisations. Two sessions are available – Health Literacy Awareness and Introduction to Misinformation.

Health Literacy Awareness

This 1 hour course will help you learn about health literacy and how it impacts you, your clients and your organisation. The training will cover:

· What is health literacy?

· Why is it a problem?

· What is the cost of health literacy?

· How does it impact you, your clients and your organisation?

Introduction to Misinformation

This 1.5 hour course will help you learn about different sources of health information and how we can decide if they're any good. The training will cover:

· Where can we get health information from?

· What is the impact of low quality health information?

· How do we tell if it’s any good?

· What are go-to sources of reliable health information?

Book onto session

Book onto a session via our Eventbrite page:

Arrange a session for your team

We can deliver training sessions to organisations and community groups within Manchester. If you would like us to deliver either of these sessions to your team, please email and we will be happy to arrange this.

After the course

After receiving the training, you will become a designated Knowledge Champion and will be expected to share your learning with colleagues and communities. You will have exclusive access to the Knowledge Champions section of the buzz website, with further support materials and learning.

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