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Mental Health

Key messages for mental wellbeing

Good mental health and wellbeing is key to living a full, healthy and happy life. It enables us to make choices, solve problems, deal with challenges and feel connected with the people and places around us. But life isn’t always simple and straightforward, our mind, just like our body, is vulnerable to becoming unwell. Mental health and wellbeing problems, just like physical health problems, can be brief and quick to recover from (like a cold or feeling down and stressed) or more chronic and something we learn to manage day to day (like diabetes or depression). There are many things we can do to stay well and stay in control. Here are our key messages

Five ways to mental wellbeing

Looking after our mental wellbeing keeps us resilient and less vulnerable to mental health problems. The five ways to wellbeing are evidence based activities that keep us well. They are:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Give, and 
  • Keep learning.

Ask for help and support

Problems with mental health are very common and not unusual but stigma is a dangerous thing. It prevents us from admitting when things are tough and we aren’t managing and makes us fearful of being judged by others. Asking for help early is crucial as it can stop things from getting worse and gets us back on track sooner. 

Recovery is possible

It is possible to recover well and even come back stronger from a period of illness. With the right help and support people experiencing more severe mental health problems such as psychosis or bipolar disorder can live well with illness. Self help is a way to feel in control by finding what works for you – living a healthy lifestyle, learning from others with similar problems and developing strategies to cope with challenges can help.

National advice and information

NHS Choices - Advice on mental health and wellbeing. 

Mind- Mental Health charity

Young Lives- Child and adolescent mental health charity

Local advice and Information

LGBT Foundation- Offering support to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in a range of areas including mental health. 

XenZone- Provider of online mental health services for children, young people and adults.

Help and Support Manchester

Mental Health- For more information on local services, visit Manchester City Council's Help and Support portal.