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These documents provide useful information and signpost to key resources and helplines around a wide variety of mental health topics.

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Finding Information Online

These resources can help you find good quality information online.

Check online information using the WWW. method

Watch this video to learn 4 simple tips you can use to help you work out whether information you find online can be trusted. When reading information online look for who wrote it, when it was written, where it is found, and stop to think before you believe or share it.

There is a lot of information on COVID-19 but not all of it is accurate and trustworthy. Find links to more myth-busting tools and resources here.

With many people spending more time online during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is very important to be aware of scams because things aren’t always what they appear to be. Find links/helplines for avoiding and reporting scams here.

buzz Support

buzz Mental Health Guides

These free downloadable guides provide useful advice and techniques to help manage your mental health and wellbeing during this time. Click here to access.

Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS) Facebook page and buzz YouTube channel

The PARS team have launched a Facebook page where you can find a wide range of exercise videos and tips so you can get moving at home. Why not get involved by liking our page here? You can also find these videos on our YouTube channel here.

Myth-busting tools

There is a lot of information on COVID-19 but not all of it is accurate and trustworthy. The links/websites in this document should help you to identify high quality information.

COVID-19 Essential Information

Links to essential high quality information and advice around COVID-19.


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