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Drinking too much

For many of us, having a drink is an enjoyable way to unwind and relax. It’s part of any good celebration or a way to socialise with friends. Whatever your tipple, wine, beer or spirits, that drink to unwind at the end of the day can easily sneak up on us and become a habit. Drinking too much on a regular basis can be harmful to our health. It also affects our performance at work and impacts on the quality of our leisure time with family and friends. If you are worried about your drinking, or just interested to find out more about it, there are some useful websites with lots of great information. 

If you would like help and support for your drinking, then there is a list of local services below.

National advice and information

Change4Life – Tips for cutting down on alcohol.

NHS Choices - Advice on drinking and alcohol.

Down Your Drink - A six week online self-help course.

Adfam - Support for families, carers, relatives.

Local advice and Information

Change Grow Live- previously CRI. a charity which supports people with drug and alcohol services across Manchester

End the fear - Anybody who is experiencing domestic or sexual violence can find help, support and advice here.

Help and Support Manchester

Alcohol- For more information on local services, visit Manchester City Council's Help and Support portal.