Whalley Range Real Food Project

Whalley Range Real Food Project

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When TBC
Where JNR8 Community Centre, 82 Cromwell Avenue, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 0BG
Laura Cassidy – Neighbourhood Health Worker
Mob. 07818 522 978

The Real Food Project supports local residents to learn to cook in order to create recipes and cook meals that are healthy, especially in relation to local people who are at risk of diabetes. The project offers people local to Whalley Range the opportunity to learn about what foods are good for their health and wellbeing. It will also provide a fun, sociable experience where people can get to know their neighbours whilst gaining knowledge and new skills.

Due to the current situation around COVID-19 this [class] has been suspended until further notice.

Event Partners

Whalley Range Community Forum
Real Food Group, MLCO

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