Debdale Indoor Bowling Club

Debdale Indoor Bowling Club

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When TBC
Where 1073 Hyde Road, Manchester, M18 7LJ
Noah Mellor – Neighbourhood Health Worker
Mob. 07484 546 326

Debdale Bowling Club is a resident led organisation who run indoor short mat bowling sessions at Debdale Active Outdoor Centre. The group have volunteers who are very good at supporting new group members while they get to know everyone. The sessions have a real focus on promoting wellbeing with lots of chatting over cups of tea and coffee.

Indoor short mat bowling is a very accessible activity which provides great low impact physical exercise, as well as the opportunity to take part in a team sport which is stimulating and can be exciting when played competitively. There are always opportunities for new players to take part non-competitively in a relaxed manner if this is what they prefer.

Debdale Outdoor Centre overlooks the Debdale reservoir and park, it is a very relaxing place for people to come and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Due to the current situation around COVID-19 this group has been suspended until further notice.

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