Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group

Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group

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When Local Helpline: 07930 261 920
Where The main 2 bases are: ARMR store, 2 Polygon St, Ardwick, Manchester, M13 9SG and West Gorton Community Centre, Haverford Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 5NP
Aron Thornley - Neighbourhood Health Worker
Mob. 07425 520 199

Local Helpline: 07930 261 920

This local helpline closed on 28th August, the group is currently developing a new phase of activities. If people want to get involved they can get in touch.

Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group was set up by residents from the neighbourhood including those from the west Gorton estate, and its primary focus is to ensure that people can access food parcels or hot meals to keep them fed during the COVID-19 crisis. The group is led by local residents for local residents, and they run a local support helpline.

Volunteers take calls, provide support and refer to other agencies. Volunteer deliverers also support with the distribution of food and hot meals.

Event Partners

Women's Aid
Manchester City Council
buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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