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We've collaborated with Becca from Pop Up Percussion to bring you 24 FREE wonderfully fun and creative music sessions for babies, toddlers and children aged 0-6.

Join the fun with Becca as she explores the world around us using song, movement, live instrumentation and storytelling, developing new skills and confidence along the way!

Becca, Pop Up Percussion Tutor, says: “My online sessions bring live music classes direct to your living room, featuring original songs, movement, live instrumentation and storytelling. All of our sessions are carefully constructed to develop your child’s cognitive, fine motor and language skills as well as introducing basic music theory.

Becca continues: “From a very young age children have a natural love for music. I nurture this love and use it as a tool to support them as they develop and learn about the world around them, providing a fun, safe environment where children can confidently explore and create, becoming independent little musicians.”

All 24 sessions are available now, check them all out below!

Becca has a Music Degree and post-graduate certificate in Early Years Education, she plays the clarinet, guitar, piano and her trusty ukulele.

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