Nature Meditation Video

Nature Meditation Video

Nature Meditation Video

We've teamed up with Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) to bring you a Nature Meditation Video focussing on Platt Fields Market Garden in Fallowfield.

This video helps to bring the outside into the home of people who may be self isolating during lockdown. It's also useful for anyone who wants to take 20 minutes out of their day to be mindful with some help from our local nature!

The video has 360 degree sound so the use of headphones can improve your experience whilst watching. Be mindful by relaxing with your headphones in and enjoy the scenes and noises of nature. You can also pause the video on your favourite scenes and sketch what you see. Or use the video for meditation by concentrating on your breathing as instructed in the introduction.

Enjoy the video and let's all look forward to visiting Platt Fields Market Garden as soon as we're able to once it's safe! Tweet us your thoughts on the video @buzzmanc

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