Get to know your Neighbourhood Health Worker!

Get to know your Neighbourhood Health Worker!

Get to know your Neighbourhood Health Worker

Our Neighbourhood Health Workers work out in Manchester's communities focussing on community development to increase the involvement of local people in improving their own wellbeing. By talking to local residents and getting to know them, they are able to find out what groups and projects people would like to see in their neighbourhoods and then support them in making them happen. Or if you're feeling a bit isolated and want to be more connected to people in your local neighbourhood, Neighbourhood Health Workers can connect you up with local groups where you'll make new some new friends!

Some examples of groups that have been set up include gardening groups, film club, clay craft project, Pop Up Percussion music sessions for babies and toddlers, community Christmas singalong, creative writing group, play reading group etc.

If you live within the Manchester area you can get involved and benefit from the work of our Neighbourhood Health Workers!

The Manchester area includes the following neighbourhoods which fall under Manchester City Council:

Ancoats, Clayton & Bradford, Ardwick & Longsight, Baguley, Sharston & Woodhouse Park, Brooklands & Northenden, Cheetham & Crumpsall, Chorlton, Whalley Range & Fallowfield, City Centre, Didsbury, Burnage & Chorlton Park, Gorton & Levenshulme, Higher Blackley, Harpurhey & Charlestown, Hulme, Moss Side & Rusholme, Miles Platting, Newton Heath & Moston, Withington & Old Moat.

If you're not sure if you're area is covered, you can check your postcode here, and view this map too!

As well as all our Neighbourhood Health Workers, we have specialist Neighbourhood Health Workers focussing on the wellbeing of older people and also families with babies and toddlers.

Why not contact your local buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker by phone, text or email?

Find all their contact details below. Listed first are the Neighbourhood Health Workers based in each neighbourhood, and under these you'll find details for the specialists mentioned above (older people and families with babies and toddlers).

Lauren Evans – Higher Blackley, Harpurhey and Charlestown
/ 0161 271 0565

Charlee Fitzgerald – Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall
/ 07771 805 278

Anna Jarawka - Miles Platting, Newton Heath and City Centre
/ 07484 925 151

Mathew Brown – Ancoats, Clayton and Bradford
/ 07512 643 387

Patsy Williams – Hulme, Moss Side and Rusholme
/ 07818 523 098

Noah Mellor – Gorton and Levenshulme
/ 07484 546 326

Chris Doyle - Ardwick and Longsight / 07553 708 029

Aron Thornley - Chorlton, Whalley Range and Fallowfield
/ 07425 520 199

Laura Cassidy - Chorlton, Whalley Range and Fallowfield
/ 07818 522 978

Emma Farrell – Wythenshawe, Brooklands and Northenden
/ 07971 331 540

Bernie Murphy – Didsbury, Burnage and Chorlton Park
/ 07971 331 537

Sadie Roberts – Withington and Old Moat
/ 07890 533 374

Phil Tomlinson – Wythenshawe, Baguley, Sharston and Woodhouse Park
/ 07557 677 969

Rose Boyd – All Manchester neighbourhoods
/ 0161 271 0505

Specialist - Older people

Megan Brown
/ 07484 906 871

Yasmin Holgeth
/ 07425 536 823

Simon Kitchin
/ 07552 249 977

Specialist - Families with babies and toddlers

Brian Goodman
/ 07471 891 185

Dina Pieri
/ 07585 648 713

Ben Talbot
/ 07552 249 937

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