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Who are buzz? Arrow

We’re buzz… your Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service. Our aim is simple…to help improve the health and wellbeing of people and communities in Manchester…to help individuals and families live fuller, healthier, happier and longer lives. We are experts in health improvement and self-care, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer the right advice and guidance to help put a spring into people’s lives. Our neighbourhood health workers will be busy working in the heart of the community. We’ll also be offering one to one support, training and working alongside other key health initiatives and partners in the area.

What services do buzz offer? Arrow

There are three elements to the service offered here at buzz - Community Asset BuildingOne to One Support and Partnerships and Training. All three elements are underpinned by a Knowledge Service function that ensures accessibility to information and quality and consistency of delivery and communication of health and wellbeing messages.

How to get in touch? Arrow

Contact buzz on 0161 2481767 or 0161 8822583