Work and Mental Health

Work and Mental Health

Did you know we have 12 free Mental Health Guides to read, download & print on our website? You can find them all here, but today we're focussing on the Work and Mental Health guide which is all about effective ways to maintain good mental wellbeing at work. This guide is also available in physical format from the buzz Knowledge Service at Fallowfield Library. If you work in health and social care in Manchester you're welcome to pick up some of these from the library.

Understanding work and mental health

Work can help the body and mind by providing a routine and structure to the day which gives you a sense of purpose.

It can become a big part of how you see yourself and your identity. Work gives us financial benefits and security. It can provide a sense of self-reliance and independence.

Work can help you protect your mental wellbeing and prevent you from developing a mental health problem like depression. But, you need to find the right balance and place of work.

Some people worry about work being bad for their health. They worry that stress will make them ill. There is strong proof that working is, in general, good for your mental health. Research tells us that usually the benefits outweigh the risks.

Your mental health can benefit from work if you....

• Feel that you have a sense of control over your work

• Feel that you are not overloaded with work

• Feel safe in your workplace

• Are listened to and your ideas are taken seriously and included in decision making processes

• Feel clear about your role and responsibilities

• Your vocational aspirations are supported

• Feel that you are respected by others

• Receive feedback about your work

The workplace can support your mental wellbeing and help you to maintain your mental health and resilience, if it is a good environment. It can also assist in the recovery process.

Check out the full guide here!

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