It's Lonleliness Awareness Week, a week created and hosted by Marmalade Trust who are the UK’s leading loneliness charity.

This year's campaign #ThatLonelyFeeling highlights the many and varied times when we feel lonely to normalise the feeling, from childhood, into adulthood and beyond.

Whilst we’re seeing an increase in discussions around loneliness in society, there are some key misconceptions that still need to be challenged. When asked to picture a lonely person, many people will imagine an older person living on their own. Because of this, we can often dismiss feelings of loneliness because we may feel that the image of loneliness we have in our head doesn't apply to us.

By identifying all the times that we have personally felt and experienced loneliness, we can start to change our viewpoint, accept it and understand how to take action to manage the feeling in the future.

The below video #ThatLonelyFeeling illustrates the many different ways we can experience loneliness throughout all stages our lives.

Marmalade Trust has some great resources for you to get involved in this year's Loneliness Awareness Week. We sum up some of our favourites below...

Loneliness at University - "I’d lived in London my whole life and suddenly I was away from my family, the friends I’d grown up with and all the places I knew. I was trying to meet people but I’d go back to my room at the end of the day and feel like I’d made no progress and I wasn’t clicking with people." Read more here.

Self employed loneliness - "Loneliness might feel like part of the job description when you’re self-employed, but there are plenty of things you can do to build your work connections and feel more connected." Discover more here.

Why pets help with loneliness - "Owning an animal gives us a great reason to get out in the world and make new connections: from meeting fellow dog walkers and members of the local community to shared interests like online animal rescue groups and wildlife organisations." Learn more here.

Talking to strangers - "Many years ago, I did something very out of character for me: I started a conversation with someone on public transport. I couldn’t resist asking a woman about the beautiful cupcake she was carrying, and somehow by the end of the conversation she had taught me that people can ride ostriches! Since then, I’ve had countless conversations with strangers, during which I’ve learned interesting facts, benefitted from recommendations, received help and free stuff, and had a lot of laughs." Find out more here.

Get involved on Twitter with the hashtag #ThatLonelyFeeling!

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