Pride 2022 - Taking Pride

Pride 2022

June is Pride month, a month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities all around the world. This year, Pride is 50 years old.

Pride is celebrated each year in June as that was the month when the Stonewall riots took place. Pride is a celebration of people coming together to show how far LGBTQ+ rights have come, and how there's still work to be done.

Pride is all about being proud of who you are no matter who you love!

On the 50th anniversary of Pride, Stonewall are asking you to take the pledge to stand up for LGBTQ+ rights.

You can take the pledge here!

Stonewall have a wide range of resources to help you take pride this summer including tips to make your work a place of pride, research on what the UK public thinks of LGBT people, and lots of posters, stickers and more!

Their Take Pride Report is a great place to start, here's part of it to give you a preview:

"These findings paint a picture of a United Kingdom that is, on the whole, supportive and respectful of
lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. We take pride in our diverse communities.

It is important to remember that a significant percentage of the population didn’t identify with any of
the feelings presented to them, so for those of us who want to build strong cultures of respect and
support for LGBT communities, there is work to do to move this segment of the public from a more
neutral position to active support.

While the population who feel respect for LGBT people is around four times larger than the population
who feel disgusted by us, it is important to recognise that even a small minority of the public who hold
such strong negative views can have a significant negative impact on the safety and wellbeing of LGBT
people. We are a small population- just 3.1% of the public identify as lesbian, gay or bi, and estimates
suggest only 0.6% of the population are trans. We are outnumbered by the people who look at us with
disgust, pity and fear."

Why not read the full report here?

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