World Menopause Day 2021

World menopause day 2021

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th October. The day is all about raising awareness of the menopause and the many support options available for women to help improve their health and wellbeing during this time.

Women can experience symptoms of perimenopause in their early 40s, and in some cases in their 30s. Changes in your period can be the first sign you are entering perimenopause, this is because the level of oestrogen declines during menopause and bone mineral density weakens. The theme for World Menopause Day this year is bone health.

Women can build up their levels of calcium, which strengthens bones, in the years before the process starts, by eating foods which are high in calcium, such as milk, dark green leafy vegetables, tinned fish etc.

Weight-bearing exercises such as brisk walking, or weight training is helpful to maintain bone health and resist the loss of calcium, but any exercise can help with general wellbeing during menopause.

Check out this video for an example of a weight-bearing exercise. You can find out more about the menopause here, or speak to your GP.

We’re gathering information about what support is available for people experiencing peri/menopause in Manchester. We would also like to support any project ideas that residents have for their communities! If you would like to get involved, please contact buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker Rose by texting or calling 07918 582 993 or emailing


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