Sing Yourself to Better Health is back for Spring!

Card image Sing Yourself to Better Health is back for Spring

Sing yourself to better health this spring with FREE sessions from buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service and Singing Tutor Martin!

Singing is a great way to lift your mood and improve your mental wellbeing, something a lot of us could benefit from right now. Last year we worked in collaboration with Martin to bring you free singing lessons, and he's back by popular demand to lift your spirits again this spring with 6 new sessions. You’ll even get the chance to vote for your favourite song to sing along to on our Twitter account @buzzmanc!

The new sessions start on Tuesday 9th March at 2pm and run for 6 weeks, every Tuesday at 2pm. To join in, please register for FREE on Eventbrite here. Videos will be uploaded to our Get Connected hub here

Here are the dates for your diary: Tuesday 9th March @ 2pm, Tuesday 16th March @ 2pm, Tuesday 23rd March @ 2pm, Tuesday 30th March @ 2pm, Tuesday 6th April @ 2pm, and Tuesday 13th April @ 2pm.

Martin, Singing Tutor, says: “We all have times when we can’t switch off our brains. When you’re singing there’s nowhere else for your brain to go because you’re thinking about rhythm, words, melodies. I sing regularly just for my mental health. Give yourself, your brain, and your body, a break. Sing with me!”

Philippa, Manchester resident, says: “One or two things had happened at home and Martin’s weekly singing sessions were something to look forward to, I could just do them anywhere. I’ve not got the best singing voice but I enjoy it, and it really does make me feel better!”

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Team buzz x

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