Mythbusting with Public Health & Engagement Librarian Lorna

Mythbusting with Public Health Engagement Librarian Lorna

We are being bombarded with information about coronavirus but how do we tell if it’s any good? buzz's Public Health & Engagement Librarian Lorna Dawson talks about how the buzz Library and Knowledge Service is helping fight misinformation.

Hi! I’m Lorna, the Public Health & Engagement Librarian at buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service. A big part of my role is running mythbusting training to help fight misinformation about coronavirus and health in general.

What does the training cover?

The training session is called Introduction to Misinformation. It starts by looking at where we can find information – which is pretty much everywhere! Then we look at the impact of low quality health information – sometimes it can be life threatening. For most of the session, I ask people to check two pieces of health information using two different checklists.

What checklists do you use?

In the training, we use the CRAAP Test and the SHARE checklist to check a news article and a Facebook post about coronavirus.


The CRAAP Test was developed by Meriam University Library in Chicago. Ask these 5 questions when you read a piece of coronavirus information in the news, on a blog or on social media:

C - Is it Current?

R - Is it Relevant?

A - Is it Authoritative?

A - Is it Accurate?

P - What’s the Purpose?

Find out more about the CRAAP Test here:

SHARE checklist

The SHARE Checklist was developed by the UK government. Think about these 5 things before you share a piece of coronavirus information in the news, on a blog or on social media:

S – Is it from a reliable Source?

H – Read beyond the Headline

A – Analyse by using a fact check website

R – Have the images been Retouched?

E – Look out for Errors

Find out more about the SHARE checklist here:

What have people said about the training?

Here’s what one person said:

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Can I book a place?

The Introduction to Misinformation session is part of the Better Information Programme. The Better Information Programme is a free online training programme for staff from health, social care and community organisations about better information practices. Find out more information, including how to book onto the training, here:

Do you have any other top tips?

Share the www. video – you can learn to mythbust in under 3 minutes by watching our www. video. This is a mythbusting checklist the buzz Library and Knowledge Service made.

Use a fact checker – fact checkers do the mythbusting for you! I like using Full Fact and Health Feedback

COVID-19 essential information – The buzz COVID-19 Resource Hub signposts to essential, reliable information. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to know more about the Better Information Programme or misinformation, please email or You can also follow and tweet the Library and Knowledge Service on Twitter @Knowledge_GMMH and follow buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service @buzzmanc!

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