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buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker Noah has been supporting a local Manchester resident for just over a year now, helping her bring to life a project to create a sense of togetherness between people who share fond memories of Belle Vue Zoological Gardens, Gorton. The project, creating the book Memories of Belle Vue, helps people to share these happy memories with their friends and family, especially with younger generations who never had the chance to experience this iconic attraction. As well as those who will hopefully enjoy looking back at a magical time in Gorton’s recent history.

Belle Vue Zoological Gardens was a large zoo, amusement park, exhibition hall complex and speedway stadium in Belle Vue, Gorton, Manchester which opened in June 1836. The venue occupied 165 acres and attracted more than two million visitors a year, Jimi Hendrix even played there before it closed permanently in 1987!

Noah worked with a local resident who led the project and is closely connected to Gorton Visual Arts. Since 2006, she has been collecting memories of people who visited Belle Vue Zoological Gardens when it was open. When Noah and the resident first met, she showed him a folder, bursting at the seams, full of stories and memories written out by hand that had been shared with her.

Over the year, Noah identified funding from ourselves, buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service, Manchester Wellbeing Fund, and Arcon Housing to make the project possible. Gorton Visual Arts were kind enough to allow us to use the images from their 2008 Belle Vue Public Arts Mosaic for the book. Arcon Housing also helped to identify volunteers who kindly offered to type up the stories for the book.

Gorton Visual Arts are still collecting stories from anyone wishing to contribute to the project which will be displayed on their website, all you need to do is email your stories to Noah is also planning an upcoming project to help connect younger people in the area with the book, watch this space!

Copies of the book Memories of Belle Vue are now available to be purchased. The book is on sale for £10 (plus £3 UK/£8 international postage and packaging) with proceeds going towards an NHS Children’s Charity and Gorton Visual Arts Charity to enable more residents to take part in creative activities. If you'd like to purchase the book or find out more you can call 07752 126 007 or email

Do you have any memories of visiting Belle Vue Zoological Gardens? If so, please email them to

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