Manchester Green Trail

Manchester Green Trail

This week we added the 14 walk maps of the Manchester Green Trail to our Move More hub, and they've proven really popular already with over 500 downloads in just 3 days!

The Manchester Green Trail is a walking circuit made up of 14 routes connecting many of the beautiful green spaces, public parks and tree-lined streets around the city. The trail is a collaboration between Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Manchester and Salford Ramblers.

One of the main aims of the Manchester Green Trail is to create a high quality walking route across the City of Manchester through its parks and open spaces. This increases the amount of people using the parks, woodlands and open spaces which makes them livelier and as a consequence safer, more sustainable and inviting places for people to visit.

The 14 walks also help to encourage healthier lifestyles and reduce the amount people use their cars by promoting walking routes that are accessible to everyone.

We shared the news of the maps on our Twitter account @buzzmanc and almost 10,000 people saw the post! Here's some highlights from Twitter...

"Great project to discover the path less travelled upon. Discover your local area and your own space!"

"A 63 mile circuit around Manchester... Who's going to set a Fastest Known Time for this new challenge?"

"... You could take your time and see how many different plants, birds and smiles you could come across!"

"Close to home walks around the city, with downloadable maps to get you from A-B."

"A great resource, but no walking trails listed for Bury. It’s free to join, and you can then add walks in Bury!"

You'll find an overview of the Manchester Green Trail and all the 14 maps for viewing, downloading and printing on our Move More hub here!

Happy walking and enjoy your weekend!

Team buzz x

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