Let's Move More!

Lets Move More

Whether it’s tai chi, table tennis or walking in nature with your dog, moving is something we can all fit into our daily routines. Our Move More hub is an online space of ideas to help get you moving more in ways that work for you and your lifestyle!

Here's just some highlights from the hub.....

Manchester Green Trail

Since we added the 15 Manchester Green Trail maps to the hub they've been incredibly popular, with many hundreds of downloads!

The Manchester Green Trail is a walking circuit made up of 14 routes connecting many of the beautiful green spaces, public parks and tree-lined streets around the city of Manchester. The trail is a collaboration between Manchester City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Manchester and Salford Ramblers.

Find all 15 maps here.

Exercise Guides and Physical Activity & Mood Guide

Our Physical Activity Referall Service (PARS) have put together a range of exercise guides to help people increase their fitness levels. Helping more people stay more active, more often.

We also have a guide focussing on how physical activity can boost your mood.

Online Exercise Classes

Our PARS team have launched a Facebook page where you can find a wide range of exercise videos and tips so you can get moving at home. Why not get involved by liking our page here? You can also find these videos on our YouTube channel here.

We advise people to read through our guide to physical activity before starting any of the online exercise classes.

We hope these highlights help you to get moving, you can find even more ideas on the Move More hub.

Have a lovely weekend!

Team buzz x

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