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Our Age Friendly Team have produced a series of handy guides to help you get started with a new device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The guides were developed early on in the COVD-19 pandemic to help older and more vulnerable residents stay connected with family and friends, and also access accurate health information. Since last year, all 8 guides have been translated into Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Polish and Romanian with the support of our partners, Women’s Voices and Europia.

The guides help you to learn how to download an app, find a website, join a Microsoft Teams meeting, set up an email address, video call, choose the right internet access, avoid being scammed, and there’s even a glossary to make everything easier to understand.

You can download all 8 guides in 6 languages here!

Manchester City Council’s Digital Inclusion Team say: "The guides that buzz Manchester created have been essential to our operations and the roll out of the device schemes. These guides have been sent out to 150+ Digital Champion Volunteers and over 1,000 residents, playing a key role in assisting residents to become digitally literate. All guides have been created in a format that is easy for digitally excluded residents to follow, and it's amazing that buzz Manchester now offer the guides in other languages too."

Here's what some people who've used the guides have to say...

“As someone who had few IT skills I have found the guides extremely helpful. I have been able to set up an email address and keep in touch with my sister in America through Facebook. We've also had family Zoom nights which have been a great support to me as I am one of the many people who have been shielding since March 2020. I've found the health information websites useful, and have kept up to date with all the changes that have been happening during this difficult time. The guides were extremely easy to follow, and I now feel more confident using my new tablet and hope to continue my learning."

“Great guides, easy to follow. They helped me with the setting up of my new tablet and keeping in touch with my daughter, I even managed to order an online grocery shop! The health websites have been informative, and I look forward to learning much more.”

"The guides are great. They contain a lot of information, but it's all relevant and not overwhelming. I think the presentation and language is very clear.”

“The booklets are fantastic!”

We also have this A4 colour poster promoting the guides! If you want to display a poster in your community centre or venue, you can download and print the poster linked above, or contact Age Friendly buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker Simon on or text or call him on 07552 249 977.

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