10 Free Why Not Try... Creative Activity Packs!

Creative Activity Packs

We're part of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, and so is a service called Recovery Pathways who specialise in increasing people's wellbeing through art, people and places. Recovery Pathways have 10 free Why Not Try... Creative Activity Packs to help get you started with a new interest! Upcycling, seed planting, creative writing, mindfulness, collage and textiles... Why not take a week out to give each one a go?

You can find all 10 packs at the very bottom of this page, and we've also highlighted some of the packs below:

  • Neurographic Style Art - "Neurographic Art was developed by Pavel Piskarev in 2014. For this project we are taking inspiration from Piskarev and using a mindful approach to creating shape and pattern by using the Neurographic process."
  • Upcycling - "Practicing making decisions on a regular basis while being creative helps to increase our confidence in making choices in everyday life. For example gaining confidence in choosing recipes, choosing what to wear, and deciding what to do with our time."
  • Creative Writing - "Anyone can do it. If you can write, you can write creatively. You are writing for yourselves and there is no right or wrong way of doing so. It is not about a finished product, but the calming process of the writing itself, which allows you to find clarity, space and a moment of relaxation."
  • Seed Planting - "Planting seeds and growing plants can be good for your wellbeing. It's not about creating a perfect garden or growing a perfect plant, but the mindful process of handling soil and nurturing life, which can allow you to find clarity, space and a moment of relaxation."
  • Mindfulness - "Mindfulness is a natural human ability, we've all enjoyed mindful moments when we've had a sense of being fully engaged and present in our experience. With practice, we can learn to be more aware of our experience in the present, rather than being caught up in worries and anxiety about the past or the future."

We'd love to hear if you give any of the packs a try, if you do, let us know in a tweet @buzzmanc! Thank you to Recovery Pathways, part of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, for creating these great packs.

If you have half an hour spare this weekend, why not start one off? Whatever you do, have a fabulous weekend!

Team buzz x

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