12 days of buzz christmas

This festive season we're celebrating on Twitter with our #12DaysOfbuzzChristmas videos. We're posting 12 videos in the lead up to Christmas day, with members of Team buzz sharing what makes the festive season special for them.

We've posted 4 videos so far, from Ben, Yasmin, Lee, and Jane, and we've got another 8 to come, with a compilation video going up on Christmas day of all the clips together. We hope you enjoy hearing from some of Team buzz and learning a bit more about us! From spending time with family and friends, to Christmas traditions like festive jigsaws and watching Home Alone (...and we can't forget the cricket in Sydney!), Team buzz share what makes them smile over Christmas.

Here's the first 3 videos in the series, check us out on Twitter @buzzmanc to see the remaining 9!

We'd love to hear what makes your Christmas special, please send us a tweet @buzzmanc letting us know!

Day 1 - Ben - ***Watch the video here!***

Day 1

Day 2 - Yasmin - ***Watch the video here!***

Day 2

Day 3 - Lee - ***Watch the video here!***

Day 3

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