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Your workplace can support your mental wellbeing and help you maintain good mental health and resilience if it is a positive environment. Our Work and Mental Health Guide will help you explore the relationship between work and mental health. Here’s some quick top tips from the guide to get your started…

We all have different priorities when it comes to our work/life balance. Everyone has their own values, interests and work demands to deal with. You need to create your own balance. It doesn’t have to be a neatly divided balance of time. This is not possible or needed for most of us.

A balanced life can include:

• Work

• Family life

• Relaxation

• Leisure time

• Personal space

• Social activities

• Spirituality

Top tips:

• Aim to do a little of the things you find most helpful, as often as you can

• Try to work smart, not long. Rank your tasks and then focus on each one in turn

• Take proper breaks e.g. half hour lunch. Try to get out of the office every once in a while. You could go for a walk or go out for lunch

• Try to stick to your hours as far as possible. Working long hours can have an increasing, harmful effect on your wellbeing

• Being responsible for your own work/life balance is vital. When demands are too high, it may help to discuss this with your manager. Ask them about any ways in which they can help. Find out if you can make any short-term changes to your job role

Check out the full guide here for lots more useful information to help you manage your mental health at work.

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