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Many people are feeling more anxious than usual at the moment and have experienced this throughout the lockdown, and it's not surprising given that we're experiencing a global pandemic and its many effects. From changes in our careers to feeling isolated and experiencing information overload, it's easy to see why anxiety levels are so high right now.

We have a free Unwind Your Mind guide which will help you to manage your anxiety with simple, effective tips and advice. You can read, download and print this guide for free at the link at the end of this blog post.

Here's some important sections from the guide...

Anxiety can become a long term problem because things that happen in your life and past experiences all have an affect on your thoughts, emotions, your body and your behaviour like a ripple effect.

When you start to worry about something, try to see if the thought comes under any of the three categories listed below. If the worry belongs to any of these groups, it is safe to stop worrying.

Not important

Are you wearing yourself out over something that doesn’t matter? Think about whether it will matter in five years. On a scale of zero to ten how important is it?

Not likely

Is it not likely to happen? Then you are wearing yourself out over nothing. Are you wearing yourself out over something that hasn’t happened or might not happen? Worrying is not going to make you better prepared or stronger if it does happen. Instead, it makes you weaker and tires you out.

Not under my control

Are you worrying about something that you cannot control? Sometimes we cannot do anything about a situation or circumstance. A person might worry about getting older, but no one can do anything about aging. Some things we just need to learn to accept and live with.

To read, print or download the full Unwind Your Mind guide, just click here.

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