Spotlight On: Physical Activity & Mood

Physical Activity and Mood

There is evidence to suggest that physical activity can give you a positive outlook on life and improve your mental wellbeing. Here at buzz our work spans across both physical activity and mental wellbeing, so the link between these two areas is key to our approach to helping Manchester residents improve their health and wellbeing.

Taking part in some form of physical activity not only helps to build up self-esteem, it also improves your concentration and sleep. Another important benefit is that it helps prevent the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Here's just some of the many ways your mental health will benefit from getting active!

1. There are certain chemicals in our brain that can make us feel happy. Physical activity can increase the production of these chemicals (called endorphins and enkephalins).

2. Physical activity can improve the way we look and feel about ourselves. This boosts our self-esteem.

3. Exercise involves learning new skills and achieving goals, this may improve your self-worth.

4. Taking part in physical activity can involve meeting new people. This could mean making new friends and feeling less isolated.

5. Physical activity can divert your attention from your mood and negative thoughts, and gives you something else to focus on taking you out of your low mood.

6. A programme of physical activity can help give structure to your day. It gives you a sense of purpose and goals to work towards.

7. Some physical activity can get you out of the house. This can mean you get fresh air and new scenery.

8. Taking part in regular physical activity can improve the quantity and quality of your sleep because you exert more energy when active and become more relaxed afterwards.

Why not explore more about the interesting links between physical activity and mental health and wellbeing in our 30 page guide here! You can view, download, read and print this guide along with 11 others on a diverse range of mental health topics here. Here's a peek inside...


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