Slowing Down... 17 FREE Mental Wellbeing & Activity Packs!

Mental Wellbeing Slowing Down

With most of us working from home, and everyone spending most of their time at home, lately we've all had to slow down and think of creative ways to spend our time. From jigsaws to gardening, knitting to learning a new language, there are endless creative activities out there for you to get involved in!

Let us help you get started... We're part of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, and so is a service called Recovery Pathways who specialise in increasing people's wellbeing through art, people and places. Recovery Pathways have made available 5 FREE activity packs to help get you started with a new interest! Seed planting, drawing, mindfulness, collage and creative writing... Why not take a week out to start each one?

We also have 12 FREE mental health and wellbeing guides covering a wide variety of topics from dealing with depression and understanding personality disorders to managing anxiety.

Here's a little preview from Build Yourself Up - A guide to building your self-esteem

"Negative thoughts can make life feel like hard work. When things become tough, people with low self-esteem can find it hard to cope and ask for help which can increase the risk of poor mental health.

Having low self-esteem can make it tougher for people to overcome everyday problems and as a result they are less likely to look after themselves which can affect their health and wellbeing.

The next part of this guide looks at what you can do to improve your self-esteem. It covers a range of hints and tips. Some things you can do straight away. Other things are going to take more time and practice."

Read, download and print any (or all) of the 12 guides here!

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