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Hello everybody, my name is Martin Purdy. I’m a singer and musician who, prior to these strange times, toured the country with a successful modern folk act called Harp & a Monkey (I know, don’t ask!). I also ran communal singing groups across Greater Manchester for NHS Wellbeing Services.

Why wellbeing? Well, the benefits of singing are very real and scientifically documented:

  • Singing helps strengthen and improve your breathing and exercises muscles across the whole of your body.
  • Singing stimulates your brain and releases positive feel good endorphins and oxytocin (a natural hormone) that help relieve stress and depression and reduce feelings of loneliness.
  • Singing is an activity that enables you to properly turn off. There is so much going on with your mind and body during singing that you are truly lost to the moment, there is no space for other concerns to intrude. It really does provide a mindful escape.
  • Singing allows you to express your emotions in a safe way.

​Earlier in the year in the lockdown I ran some virtual singing sessions for buzz in Wythenshawe, and now we're bringing them back in November and December with a wider outreach. Fancy joining us for a half hour or so each week?

NO singing experience is required at all and you can do it from the safety of your own home, in your own time, and either on your own or with your family.

There’s nobody to judge you, it’s just about brightening up your day by losing yourself in song, while improving your singing and breathing skills in a relaxed and friendly way. It’s all about FUN!

The sessions start on Tuesday 17th November at 2pm and run for six weeks. To join in, just visit this page to find the latest singing session video from myself.

I look forward to singing with you and, who knows, we may even get seasonal as we creep in to December...

Martin P

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