Our Favourite Free Mental Health Resources

Free Mental Health Resources

There's lots of really useful free mental health resources out there, so we've rounded up 3 of our favourite websites to get you started...


Mind has a large collection of booklets to read and download covering a wide range of mental health topics, from anxiety and panic attacks to coping with student life, Mind has got it covered! Check them all out here.

Mental Health UK

There's some unique creative resources on offer at Mental Health UK, from The Stress Bucket to Wellbeing Plans, these resources will bring out the creativity in you! Get started here.

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation has lots of resources to help you improve your mental health and wellbeing, such as their free downloadable booklets. There are some interesting approaches to tackling the topic of mental health here such as looking after your mental health using exercise, and using mindfulness to improve your mental health. Check them out here.

These are just some examples of the free resources that are out there to support you, we hope you find our suggestions helpful! We also have our own range of free mental health guides covering 12 diverse topics, find them all here.

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