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It's been a challenging year so far, so we thought it was worth highlighting the location of our collection of free mental health guides on our recently updated website.

There are two ways to access the 12 free guides, from our homepage at buzzmanchster.co.uk, or by directly heading over to the page itself at buzzmanchester.co.uk/learnabouthealth/mentalhealthguides

The image below shows you how to access them from the homepage. Click on 'Learn about health' at the top of the homepage, this will take you to our Learn About Health Hub where you'll find all the guides.

Learn about health

Whether you're feeling anxious with the many changes happening in our lives due to COVID-19, or you or someone you know is suffering with a mental health condition, our guides are sure to help you out in one, or many, ways.

Topics range from understanding personality disorders, managing anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem, to the relationship between work and mental health. Below are some quotes from our guides to give you a flavour of what to expect...


You can read, download and print any, or all, of the 12 guides here! We hope you find our guides useful for yourself or someone you know during this difficult time.

Stay safe everyone, look out for each other, and make time to do things that benefit your mental wellbeing.

Let us know what you think of the guides by tweeting us @buzzmanc! We'd love to hear what has been helping you get through this difficult year too, whether it's a pet, a new hobby, or some good books! Let us know, tweet us @buzzmanc

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