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Buzz Exercise Guides

Our Physical Activity Referall Service (PARS) have put together a range of exercise guides to help people increase their fitness levels. Helping more people stay more active, more often! There's 4 different guides, and we've pulled together top tips from each to give you a taster of what's in the full guides... For the full guides see the link at the end of the blog post!

Exercises to help reduce back pain

When mobilising ensure you work from head to toe, scanning
down your body as you loosen your joints.

Try to engage your core by pulling your belly button in towards
your spine.

Think about your posture and keeping a neutral spine.

Exercises to help with strength & balance

Remember to work all your movements in a slow and controlled

Always look ahead, not down at the floor or feet.

Always ensure you complete a cool down to finish.

Exercises to help your cardiovascular fitness

Remember it is important to always complete a minimum of a 15 minute warm up.

Keep all resistance work movements slow and controlled.

When you start to feel fitter, try to increase your cardio workout

Exercises to help with COPD

Rest until breathing is regulated until you start your next exercise.

Don’t forget to challenge yourself!

Aim to build up your exercise duration over the weeks.

Check out the 4 guides here to read, download and print for free!

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