Meet Team buzz!

Meet Team buzz

We now have a brand new Meet Team buzz page on our website where you can learn more about all the different members of our team. There's 40 of us in total and in addition to our combined love of working to help improve Manchester's communities, between us we've got a snowboarder, paraglider, a few DIY queens, and we really, really love dogs!

To find out all about the people who make up buzz, visit out Meet Team buzz page here!

"The thing I love most about buzz is the freedom to be imaginative and the opportunity to support local people to create projects. I like seeing the expression on residents’ faces when they are told they can get support to do a particular idea they have." - Patsy

"I love the random encounters I have with local people, listening to them talk about their lives and hearing their hopes and dreams. The local residents make this job what it is." - Matt

"We are such a diverse bunch and yet so warm and welcoming to everyone. Everyone at buzz genuinely cares about the residents of Manchester and it’s an honour to be part of that team." - Stacey

"Everyone in buzz is so friendly, passionate and proud of their jobs, helping the communities of Manchester in a variety of ways." - Rick

"The best thing for me about buzz is all the amazing people I get to meet! From colleagues to people out in the community. Everyone’s story is different and I love to hear about the difference that’s being made to the lives of people in Manchester." - Shelley

Follow us @buzzmanc #buzzManchester on Twitter for daily health and wellbeing news and conversation, and visit for more information.

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