NEW COVID-19 Resource Hub

COVID 19 Hub

Earlier this week we launched our brand new COVID-19 Resource Hub, a simple, accessible hub where you can find all the most relevant information around the current COVID-19 outbreak. From mental health support during the pandemic to myth-busting tools, and links to essential information on the outbreak, it's all here in one place. The hub will be updated on a weekly basis moving forward to reflect changes and developments to the current situation.

Our mental health guides are free to download, read and print on our website here. Spanning 13 topics from dealing with depression and understanding personality disorders to the relationship between food and mood, and managing anxiety, these guides are proving to be very popular and more useful than ever at the moment. We hope you find them useful, tweet us any feedback @buzzmanc!

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Our Physical Activity Referral Service (PARS) team have launched a Facebook page where you can find a wide range of exercise videos and tips so you can get moving at home. If you're working from home like many people are, why not take a 5 minute break and get some quick exercise before returning to your desk? If you have any exercise questions you want answered, the team will be able to help you. Why not get involved by liking the page here? You can also find these videos on our YouTube channel here.

24th april blog pars

We'd love to hear what you think of our new COVID-19 Resource Hub, why not let us know by tweeting us @buzzmanc?

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