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On Tuesday 1st December we launched our Human Advent Calendar on our Twitter page @buzzmanc!

With the festive season this year being different and people having less opportunities to be connected with others, we wanted to use our Human Advent Calendar as a way for communities to support each other by showcasing the real spirit of Christmas. 24 Mancunian residents will be sharing what's lifting their spirits over this festive period with our Twitter followers.

buzz Neighbourhood Health Workers have be involved in a lot of mutual aid projects within communities since the start of the pandemic, helping to support communities to support each other. The pandemic, and many social restrictions, have highlighted more than ever to people what truly matters in our lives, human connection and caring for those around us. This is true all year round, but it’s also what Christmas is really about.

We hope you enjoy hearing about what's lifting people's spirits this festive season! Here's the first 4 if you haven't seen them yet, and if you visit our Twitter page at 1pm tomorrow and Sunday you'll find Fred from Northenden and Linda from New Moston's messages.

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