When Art meets Mental Health

Art meets mental health

We’re proud to be part of Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH NHS FT) who recently held a unique art exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Manchester. Attracting around 500 visitors, the Let’s Figure It Out exhibition showcased art works embodying different mental health conditions through materials such as ceramics, textiles, photography, illustration, wire sculpture and many more.

All of the exhibits were created by GMMH NHS FT Recovery Pathways service users, with over 90 people involved in creating the works of art. Peter Broome is one such artist who blogged for Big Issue North about his involvement in the exhibition and his own mental health experiences. You can read the blog here, and below are some words from Peter…

“When you’re ill the world passes you by, but I was learning to notice things again and it was a massive lift after 20 years of mental ill health. It’s difficult to put into words the difference Recovery Pathways has made to my life. Having time to yourself to do something creative and connect with other people has transformed my life. I volunteer on an adult inpatient mental health unit and I can see myself getting a paid job in the NHS.”

Peter broome

Chief Executive of GMMH NHS FT, Neil Thwaite said: “It was really inspiring. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of work it has taken - the set up was so professional, the art beautiful and the stories moving. It was lovely to chat to some of the staff and service users involved.”

Plans are underway for the art to tour GMMH NHS FT Headquarters in Prestwich so keep a look out! For now here's some photos from the exhibiton...


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