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Communities are at the heart of everything we do at buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service. Our Neighbourhood Health Workers work within the 12 neighbourhoods across the city of Manchester, one paired with each individual neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Health Workers take a community development approach to increase the involvement of local people in improving their own wellbeing. By getting to know local people, buzz staff are able to work with residents to find out what health and wellbeing initiatives people want to see in the areas where they live. Once these ideas have been created, buzz staff then continue to work with residents and support them to make their visions a reality.

This approach is known as Asset Based Community Development, simply put it is sustainable community-driven development based on people’s strengths and potentials. This graphic from Cormac Russell, a leading figure on the subject, sums up the focus of the approach and the power of communities and their stories.

Here’s an inspiring TED talk from Cormac if you want to learn more about community development... “I want to present a very simple idea, and the idea is this: If we want to help people in a way that does no harm to them and their capacities in their communities, then the best place to start is with what is strong within them and within their communities, and not with what’s wrong.”

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