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Start Well Develop Well Team

We're delighted to introduce our Starting Well Developing Well Team focusing specifically on improving the health of children, families and young people in Manchester. This team works alongside the Starting Well Developing Well Team at Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. Concentrating initially on years 0 to 5, the team will use positive engagement with parents and young people to discover what already supports them in their local community, what projects or groups they would like to create or be involved in, and empowering them to make this happen.

Manchester has a higher proportion of young children (compared to England), and over a third of children under the age of 16 live in poverty (35.6%). Additionally, Manchester has a high rate of infant mortality (compared to England), and improving health outcomes for children and young people is a priority in the city. Giving every child the best start in life is essential to reducing health inequalities.

We know that what happens before and during pregnancy, in the early years and during childhood, can have significant impact on health and wellbeing. These impacts can range from obesity, heart disease and poor mental health, to educational achievement and economic status. We know that tackling the source of health inequalities such as deprivation, child and family poverty, housing and education difficulties will improve the health and wellbeing of these families.

Engaging with parents to find out more about their lives, and empowering them to identify and build on the things that support them to live happier, healthier lives, is central to the approach of this team within buzz.

If you are a parent in Manchester or know of any parents that would like to be involved in, or connected to projects that support health and wellbeing, please feel free to contact either Dina, Ben or Brian from the Starting Well Developing Well Team, using the details below. You can also tweet us @buzzmanc! #buzzManchester

Ben Talbot, Neighbourhood Health Worker (Central Manchester)

Email: Telephone: 07552 249 937

Dina Pieri, Neighbourhood Health Worker (South Manchester)

Email: Telephone: 0161 271 0505

Brian Goodman, Community Champion (North Manchester)

Email: Telephone: 0161 271 0566

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