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Age Friendly Activities Spring in to Action!

Added Jun 2018

On a sunny Thursday – 19th April 2018 – the North Manchester Age Friendly Network; facilitated by the buzz Neighbourhood Health Worker Team, invited residents from across the local area to attend a Spring Luncheon event at St Dunstan’s Hall, Moston.


Residents of Broadoak Court and Dunstan’s Court, local community groups from NEPHRA, Smithies Bereavement Group and St Dunstan’s Church Groups attended the event; enjoying a delicious meal of hot pot and seasonal vegetables. Local Vintage FM DJ Ged Reek played some ‘old favourites’ and a local dance pairing Prima Dance led a demonstration and then encouraged the residents to join in, Many did! 


The aim of the event was to give local older people an enjoyable afternoon out; allowing them to meet other like-minded people. It also gave the network the opportunity to hold strength-based conversations with older residents and gain an understanding of their knowledge, skills and anything they are passionate about or interested in.


Several activities were suggested by attendees; to include: arm chair yoga, massage, reflexology, language classes, bridge tournaments, quizzes, theatre trips, amateur dramatics, living history projects. Also identified were some hidden isolating factors that individuals’ felt had impacted on their wellbeing once they had retired. There was a feeling that most activities focussed too much on physical health and wellbeing and not enough on mental wellbeing, and that there is a need for community activities that provide ‘mental stimulation’ and a ‘challenge’ for people. There was also a feeling that once a person retired they were treated differently within society; with their contributions no longer seen as valid; creating a feeling of loss of identity and self-worth. Older residents in North Manchester would like to have an outlet where they can make a positive contribution to their local community.


The Age Friendly Network in North Manchester is continually evolving and we now have 80+ members on our mailing list. Our next full network meeting will be on Wednesday 20th June, from 2pm to 4pm at St Mary’s Church, 47 Nuthurst Road, Moston M40 0EW.

At this meeting we will start to look at the feedback received from the Lunch event and we will be reviewing what the Age Friendly Network looks like. If you would like to be involved in making North Manchester a more age-friendly place to live, then please contact Dawn Harris, Senior Neighbourhood Health Worker on 0161 271 0562 or email: