Sadie Roberts

Sadie Roberts

Neighbourhood Health Worker

My job is to identify and support Manchester communities, groups and individuals in looking after and improving their physical and mental health.

I previously worked as a Domestic Violence Support Worker for many years, then I joined the NHS in 2006 as a Health Trainer working in health and wellbeing. I am now working as a Neighbourhood Health Worker in Withington and Old Moat in South Manchester.

What I love about buzz is the supportive working environment and the changes we are trying to enable local communities to make.

I like doing my garden and also enjoy a bit of DIY. I find that dancing to music of the 70’s and 80’s is my favourite way to pass time.

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"My client was grateful for Dina's efforts and her children enjoyed using the toys. She said that Dina had acted in a professional way. Thanks Dina!"

Rachel, Primary Care Network Community Coach, The Big Life Group