Phil Tomlinson

Phil Tomlinson

Neighbourhood Health Worker

My role in buzz is to engage the community to follow their interests and passions. To do this I help residents create and develop new groups of interest. This can be anything that promotes health and wellbeing amongst the community. Alongside this I also work in partnership with other organisations to help develop Wythenshawe as a great place to grow older.

I have had an interest in health and communities since my days at college and university. I pursued my interest upon graduating by volunteering for the NHS in 2007, and this developed into working in health and the community with housing groups and charities. I then took a sideways step into teaching health at a local college before joining buzz in 2019.

buzz is an exceptional service to work for. The team’s creativity, passion and enthusiasm for developing communities and the health and wellbeing of residents is amazing. The supportive environment from top to bottom makes each day enjoyable, this reflects in the great work being done around Manchester and within local communities.

My interests are music and sport. With living in this amazing city since birth and having the music scene and sporting prowess of both football teams (the city is blue!) and Lancashire cricket on your doorstep, what else could I be interested in?

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"My client was grateful for Dina's efforts and her children enjoyed using the toys. She said that Dina had acted in a professional way. Thanks Dina!"

Rachel, Primary Care Network Community Coach, The Big Life Group