Peter Stretton

Peter Stretton

Administration Officer

I assist various departments in any admin. tasks they require.

Previously I worked for an office management company manning reception desks. Before that I worked in hospitality at 2 football grounds, one in Bolton and one in Trafford.

The benefits to the residents of Manchester are fantastic, they receive a wide range of benefits by using buzz. Wellbeing matters, from physical activities, community events and a great Knowledge Service, buzz has so much going on. Also, we as an admin team get on very well.

I was born in North Manchester many years ago and I have lived here ever since. My football team (the blue one) and my love of the Manchester music scene will keep me here for many more. The nightlife is excellent (so I’ve heard) and my role as a well known Madchester icon keeps me busy most weekends.

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"Email updates from the Knowledge Service have helped us to stay abreast of developments in the field of drugs and alcohol which has been invaluable"

Helen, Health Improvement Practitioner, Manchester Healthy Schools

Helen, Health Improvement Practitioner, Manchester Healthy Schools photo