Nico Dhillon

Nico Dhillon

Neighbourhood Health Worker

Hi! I’m Nico (they/them). I am the Neighbourhood Health Worker for Ardwick and Longsight. My job is to support the community in developing or participating in community projects that ultimately improve health and wellbeing.

I came to Manchester for University some years ago, and happily stuck around. It has become a home to me. I have come from the third sector, as an Inclusion Officer creating community groups for LGBT+ people. This work had an emphasis on older, BPOC (Black and People of Colour), trans and non-binary inclusion.

I love buzz’s people-centred approach and practice. The buzz team are very collaborative and you know everyone shares the same goal – helping people!

I am passionate about LGBT issues and am actively involved in the community. Outside of work you may also find me attending creative events, cooking and playing video games.

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Helen, Health Improvement Practitioner, Manchester Healthy Schools

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