Physical Activity Referral Officer

My role in buzz is to pre-screen clients before exercise, set fitness goals together, and to deliver and signpost to bespoke exercise for the people of Manchester with pre-existing medical conditions. I work closely with local leisure services, local GP surgeries and a wide range of health professionals.

I started my career in the fitness industry 20 years ago initially as a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, then onto a Duty Manager of a large gym with 30 staff and over 5,000 members. I joined buzz in 2009.

I enjoy being part of a multi-skilled and diverse team, we are very passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of people living in Manchester.

I was born in Manchester and grew up in Longsight/Ardwick, and I currently live in Bury with my wife and 4 children. My lifelong interest is martial arts which I have practised and taught for 30 years, I also enjoy taking part in yoga and mindfulness.

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"The patients really enjoy the [PARS] sessions and feel a real benefit from continuing to exercise in a supportive environment."

Janet, Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, MRI

Janet, Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, MRI photo