Dawn Critchley

Dawn Critchley

Communications Worker

It’s my job to communicate the amazing work going on within buzz Manchester Health & Wellbeing Service. You’ll find me tweeting @buzzmanc, drafting media releases, writing blog posts… these are just some of the parts of my role. There’s always so much exciting work going on which keeps me very busy!

I’ve got an MSc in International Public Relations and have worked in the NHS for 4 years now, working for NHS North West Ambulance Service before my current role. Before this I worked in London in the Beauty PR industry and even got to work at London Fashion Week.

I’ve always been very interested in mental health so I’m really passionate about communicating the work going on in buzz! I love living in Manchester so it’s ideal to have a job that’s so closely linked to the city and my interest in mental health.

I love dogs and nature (I’ve also got a degree in Geology). I enjoy spending time with my shetland sheepdog Midge and walking in nature reserves with my fiancé. I also love Star Wars!

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"Before I didn’t know anyone in this area, then a neighbour invited me to the afternoon tea, and I met lots of people who live just a few doors away."

Local resident attending Spoon and Ladle afternoon tea, Burnage

Local resident attending Spoon and Ladle afternoon tea, Burnage photo