Charlee Fitzgerald

Charlee Fitzgerald

Neighbourhood Health Worker

Hello! I am the Neighbourhood Health Worker for Cheetham and Crumpsall. My role is to work with residents in the neighbourhood to identify their community development goals, then help turn these ideas, ambitions and conversations into activities!

I have a degree in Nutrition and I am currently studying for my Masters of Public Health degree. Before this role I worked in the Care Navigation team in both North and Central Manchester. I am very passionate about community health promotion and have done lots of volunteering in the past.

I love that buzz has a strengths-based way of working. They realise that every individual is an asset, and everyone can contribute. They work to empower residents and unlock the potential that communities hold.

I don’t have lots of free time as I study in the evenings and weekends but when I do… I like to hike, go for coffee with friends, and watch lots of films. I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes too.

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“I started buzz's PARS pilates classes after I had a stroke, they have been amazing! These classes have continued on Microsoft Teams during lockdown.”

Local Wythenshawe resident attending PARS exercise classes