Bernie Murphy

Bernie Murphy

Neighbourhood Health Worker

I work with residents and community groups in my neighbourhood, supporting them to create opportunities and improve the wellbeing of residents. I work with other organisations also.

Before this job, I worked with different communities in central Manchester, finding ways to use food and improve health and wellbeing. Before that, I was a Nurse Therapist, working in mental health, and before that, I worked as an Actor Teacher in community theatre and theatre in education companies. I’ve always worked in the community.

I love my job as I get the chance to work in the community with some incredible people.

I like singing, walking, and spending time with my family and friends.

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"From each contact we have had with buzz we have been able to see their passion and expertise in promoting the health of children in Manchester."

Jennifer, Specialist Nurse, Looked After Children Team

Jennifer, Specialist Nurse, Looked After Children Team photo