Aron Thornley

Aron Thornley

Neighbourhood Health Worker

I work in Ardwick and Longsight with local residents, community groups and various organisations. I support individuals, local groups and the community to develop projects that bring local people together in the spirit of doing, sharing and learning. When people find meaningful activities that they can enjoy with others we know it has a significant impact in improving their health and wellbeing.

I started my career working with homeless people on the streets of Auckland, Sydney and London. I changed over to working in drug and alcohol teams in 2001 working across London, Hertfordshire and Greater Manchester during the next 17 years! Recently I felt I needed a change and joined the buzz team just one year ago.

I love working in a team, and the idea that conversations that turn into action can change the world! Talking with local people inspires me to follow their lead and provide whatever support I can, in the spirit of community, to bring their ideas to life!

I love music, reading, travel and running. I was in a band in London for 8 years and we wrote two albums. My favourite overseas trip was when I travelled through Turkey and Syria for 6 weeks in 2002, it was very special.

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"My client was grateful for Dina's efforts and her children enjoyed using the toys. She said that Dina had acted in a professional way. Thanks Dina!"

Rachel, Primary Care Network Community Coach, The Big Life Group