Anjum Adam

Anjum Adam

Administration Officer

My role in the service is to provide administrative support to the various teams and colleagues.

Prior to joining buzz I worked in a local authority setting providing administrative and linguistic support to a number of teams as I can speak six languages.

I feel proud to be supporting our buzz team and the brilliant work all teams carry out in the wider network and community setting. I especially love the events organised by my colleagues, there’s always something exciting happening and it creates a real buzzzz around the office!

I grew up on the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya. Manchester has been my home for the past 27 years and I feel very blessed to have grown and lived in two amazing cities, because of this I have a natural appetite for travelling.

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"My client was grateful for Dina's efforts and her children enjoyed using the toys. She said that Dina had acted in a professional way. Thanks Dina!"

Rachel, Primary Care Network Community Coach, The Big Life Group