Your NHS, here for you

Your NHS, here for you

The project produced videos in a range of different languages to remind people your NHS is here for you during the pandemic.

Benefit of health promotion, and promoting equality and diversity

buzz Health and Wellbeing Service, Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group, Ardwick and Longsight Age Friendly Network and teams from the Manchester Local Care Organisation worked together to support local residents, GPs and partner organisations to record a key health message in various languages to share with their communities. The benefit of this was to spread the message far and wide across Manchester that the NHS is still here for all patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. By producing the video in various languages, this message was able to reach many more people than if it had not been recorded different times in this way. Therefore, this project promoted equality and diversity as well as key health messages.

Translated videos can be found on the MLCO Vimeo channel, following the below links:










Ardwick and Longsight

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buzz Health and Wellbeing Service

Manchester Local Care Organisation

Ardwick and Longsight Mutual Aid Group Volunteers and Partners

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The videos aim to encourage people to use NHS services during the pandemic even if they need to access them in a different way.

These videos were produced as this specific neighbourhood is ethnically diverse, and with local people looking for ways to support their communities during the pandemic, we felt it was a good opportunity to let them be the sharers of health information. There was also a need for this information to be available in different languages and out within the community.

buzz worked with Manchester Local Care Organisations integrated neighbourhoods team to support the production of these videos. buzz’s role was to connect with local people and community representatives who wanted to contribute by recording a health message in one of the commonly spoken languages from the neighbourhood.


"Thank you for giving Wonderfully Made Woman the opportunity to serve our pidgin English speaking community here in Manchester" - Ehinor Otaigbe-Amedu, founder and director of Wonderfully Made Woman

"An amazing response from residents, community groups, partners and GPs to support our Neighbourhood in accessing health services during these difficult times. It is so important that people continue to attend planned appointments, health screens and seek advice if concerned and the support with key messages from local people/services in languages and dialect that reflect our community is essential. Thank you to all that supported this message" - Mags Doherty, MLCO integrated neighbourhood lead for Ardwick and Longsight

"These videos are on the MLCO integrated teams facebook page and are the most popular post on there!" - Carlos Tait, MLCO Health Development Coordinator Ardwick and Longsight


This project showed the strength of collaborative working and co production to enable communities to work with services to share information and play a vital role in keeping themselves and their neighbours safe during the pandemic. The videos showed real people sharing the same message, and with the support of working with organisations like the MLCO, we can really work collaboratively to ensure neighbourhoods are supported, but can also play a role in supporting their own health and wellbeing.

Strategic links to local/national policies

Healthy Lives, Healthy People (MH Government, 2010)

Manchester Prevention Programme

NHS Five Year Forward View (Department of Health, 2014)


Yasmin Holgeth – buzz Age Friendly Neighbourhood Health Worker


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